Chris Johanson

American (b. 1968)

It’s the people’s choice game (2020)

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paint on wood panel

" I used to live in San Francisco and it's still an important place to me. This piece is an improvisational conceptual game. We have to support the institutions in San Francisco like SoEx so there are still interesting places for community to happen. Pick five words from this list or add your own and I will make a painting that integrates my feelings for San Francisco with your choices.” Chanting Beat Poetry Muni Bitcoin Bicycle Lanes Rainbow Grocery Store Drones Alcohol Poisoning I Love You Chinese New Year Wheatgrass Human Shit ATM Machines Golden Gate Bridge Buffalo in the park Ocean Beach Public Housing Book Stores Going Public Multicultural Curb Your Dog 25 cent movies Protests and Marches Romantic Dinner Careless Disregard

Donated by: Altman Siegel Gallery

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