E HARTMANN Movement to Americanize the Immigrant, inscr

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Edward George Hartmann, PHD. The Movement to Americanize the Immigrant' - Inscribed, 1st Edition

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1948. 1st edition, hardcover. INSCRIBED by EDWARD GEORGE HARTMANN. Columbia University Press.

In 1880 thru 1910, America's response to newly-arrived immigrants from Europe was a social movement known as the 'Americanization Movement'-- a name used to describe America's communal efforts to help resettle and assimilate new immigrants. English and civics classes were provided by not-for-profit sponsors, whose intent was to promote American patriotism and acculturation. Sponsors came from within the community-- from religious groups and business groups. Government agencies soon took over primary control of these programs, to codify and nationalize the process of immigrant assimilation.

The book has 2 appendixes of divided opinions, pros & cons, about the 'Americanization Movement'-- quite insightful.

In very good condition. Domestic s&h $15.

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