Lot 186
Ex Libris Rare Books [group of 12 catalogues]

Estimate: $400 - $600

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About this Lot

Cohen, Arthur, and Elaine Lustig Cohen, et al. Ex Libris Rare Books [group of 12 catalogues]. Group of catalogues issued by Ex Libris Rare Books, originally sold by subscription. Group comprises Catalogues 1 through 11, plus an unnumbered one covering "Graphic Design" (115 items).

Extensive, detailed catalogues, of excellent research and reference value. The numbered catalogues are: 1. The Major Movements of 20th Century Art (422 items, index); 2. Dada and Duchamp (525 items, index, bibl.); 3. Apollinaire to Surrealism (985 items, index, bibl.); 4. Omnium Gatherum: Documentary Literature on 20th Century Art (945 items); 5. Major Movements of 20th Century Art, II (1459 items, index, bibl.); 6. Constructivism & Futurism: Russian & Other (792 items, index, bibl.); 7. Major Movements of 20th Century Art, III (1336 items, index, bibl.); 8. Bauhaus (226 items); 9. Futurism (698 items, index, bibl.); 10. Dada Once and For All (336 items, index, bibl.); 11. Bauhaus (197 items). Most of the catalogues are illustrated, although not every item is pictured. Other than one small stamp indicating receipt by a library, the catalogues have no markings are are very clean. Scarce. Very good.

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