Fairfield Porter

American (1907-1975)

Spruce Head, Maine (1968-1971)

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oil on canvas
25 x 26 inches
signature inscribed upper left
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Frame Information
frame dimensions: 26 1/4 x 27 1/4 x 2 inches
The Estate of Eleanor Sheldon, 630 Park Avenue, NYC
Harbor Gallery label verso
the overall condition of this painting is quite good, the canvas, ground and paint-film are all in good solid condition, the surface of this work is clean and free from dust and dirt, under UV examination no retouch can be seen
Fairfield Porter was an American artist and art critic who produced representational paintings during the Abstract Expressionism movement. Inspired by the lush paint handling of Willem de Kooning and the intimiste depiction's of everyday life by Pierre Bonnard and Édourard Vuillard, Porter crafted incredible works of art simplifying light into shapes of color to create brilliant still lifes and landscapes. Spruce Head, Maine, created between 1968 and 1971, is an intimate painting of a bright and cloud-blanketed vista by Fairfield Porter. The artist grew up visiting Spruce Head Island off the rugged Maine coast and continued to do so into his adult years. This dreamy landscape demonstrates Fairfield Porter’s intentions of capturing a “first-timeness” in his work. Spruce Head, Maine is a soft and luminous composition brought forth with fresh, warm tones, and offering a nostalgic, near-magical window into the phenomena of being in a beautiful place for the first time.
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