(Judaica) MIDDLE EAST Conflict Booklets 1950s

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(Judaica) THE MIDDLE EAST : Collection Of Post-War Propaganda Booklets: 20+ Items. Variety Of Topics. Various authors. 

Over 20 items. Single-owner collection, overall Good or VG , a few have soiling, tide marks and other signs of aging.

Moses Lasky
. Between Truth and Repose. (1956)
Stephen B. L. Penrose. The Palestine Problem: Retrospect and Prospect. Minaret Series No. 4, (Third printing, 1955).
Muhammad Hashime Maiwandwal. Muslim-Christian Relations. Minaret Series No 5.
Garland Evans Hopkins. The Impact of the Asian Revolution in the Middle East. Minaret Series No. 6 (1954)
Edward L. R. Elson. Dangerous Tensions in the Middle East. Minaret Series No. 7, (1954)
Cornelius Van H. Engert. Old and New Trends in American Diplomacy. Minaret Series No. 10. (1955)
Aziz S. Shawell. Investment of Foreign Capital in the Arab States. Minaret Series No. 11. (1956)
Mr. Wagner. Admission of Jews into Palestine. (GPO, 1946)
Dr. Elmer Berger. ...Who Knows Better Must Say So! (1955)
Professor Raymond G. Jolly. Jewish Hopes and Prospects. No date. Promotional letter laid in.
Michael Selzer. Israel as a Factor in Jewish=Gentile Relations in America. (1968)
Yaacov Shimoni and Garland Evans Hopkins. Arab Property in Israel. (1956)
American Friends of the Middle East. Fourth Annual Report. 1954-1955, (1955?)
Charles Malik; Professor Hitti. Swift Seasons Roll. (c. 1955)
Dr. Fayez A. Sayegh. Notes on the Suez Canal Controversy. (1956 .)
-- --. Communism in Israel, (May 1958).
-- --. Turmoil in the Middle East: Anglo-French-Israeli Aggression in Egypt. (1956)
-- --. The Arab Campaign Against American Jews. (c 1956)
Bernard Dov Weinryb. Jewish Emancipation Under Attack. (Jews and the Post-War World Pamphlet Series No. 2. (1942) [Nazi Laws]
Philip Goodman. Bound in Fellowship: A Guide to Jewish Communities Throughout the World. (1955)
Institute of Jewish Affairs. The Jewish Communities of the World: Demography, Political and Organizational Status, Education, Press. (1958)
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