Karachopf Kazak Double Prayer Rug

$300 - $500

Current bid: $225


Southwest Caucasus

last quarter of 19th century

7 ft 2 in x 4 ft 2 1/2 in

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Jim Dixon Collection


areas of wear, oxidized blacks, partial ends and sides

Selections from the Collection of

The Estate of Jim Dixon

Title: The Estate of Jim Dixon / Collection

Jim Dixon was an esteemed landscape architect and a longtime collector of important rugs and textiles. Self-taught and endlessly passionate about the objects he collected, Dixon developed a massive collection of intricately woven and historically important rugs. His discerning eye for great artistry is widely recognized in the industry: he has been called "[one of] the most accomplished fragment collectors ever.” Dixon was enthusiastic about sharing his extensive knowledge with others, regularly inviting rug aficionados from across the world to view his collection at his California home. 

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