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Capsule's next sale gives us a lot to get excited about: see the remarkable design items and artwork that everyone has their eye on.

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February 24, 2023
Lot 60, Mary Obering, Morning News (1982)

Lot 60 |  Mary Obering, Morning News (1982)


In reference to Mary Obering's restrained yet expressive geometric abstractions, art critic Holland Cotter wrote "all of this takes a while to register... it produces an unexpected emotional pull." Though her work is tied to Minimalist practices, her use of mediums such as tempera and gold leaf evokes the techniques of Old Masters. In recent years, Obering's idiosyncratic body of work has enjoyed increased attention, including a solo show at Bortolami Gallery last year.

Lot 126, Pedro Friedeberg, Silver Hand Foot Lamp

Lot 126 |  Pedro Friedeberg, Silver Hand Foot Lamp


Whimsical and delightfully strange, the work of Pedro Friedeberg has become iconic. This is particularly true of his hand/foot chairs and lamps, examples of both of which are offered in February 28th's sale. The Surrealist table lamp pictured here comes to Capsule from the estate of renowned Latin American art historian Graciela Kartofel, who once called Friedeberg "the intellectual enfant terrible".  

Lot 90, David Gilhooly, Dunking Ur Donuts (1973)

Lot 90 |  David Gilhooly, Dunking Ur Donuts (1973)


The sale's selection of fanciful sculptural works also includes David Gilhooly's Dunking Ur Donuts, a large-scale ceramic rendering of two of the artist's signature subjects: frogs and donuts. Sometimes referred to as funk art, Gilhooly's work seeks to challenge the seriousness and pretentsion of the art world by combining the absurd and the everyday. 

Lot 165, Afra and Tobia Scarpa Model 925 Lounge Chairs, Pair

Lot 165 |  Afra and Tobia Scarpa Model 925 Lounge Chairs, Pair


Elegant yet bold, these Afra and Tobia Scarpa lounge chairs are the perfect addition to any modernist interior. Another example of this model resides in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, a testament to their significance in design history. 

Lot 17, Chen Ting-Shih, Untitled (from Day and Night Series) (1976)

Lot 17 |  Chen Ting-Shih, Untitled (from Day and Night Series) (1976)


Chen Ting-Shih has said that "art is not ultimate, all creation is a process of selection." Employing Western abstraction practices within traditional Chinese ideological structures, the artist creates a wholly new pictorial language. 

Lot 113, Kéké Cribbs, Untitled (Boat with Figural Decoration)

Lot 113 |  Kéké Cribbs, Untitled (Boat with Figural Decoration)


Self-taught artist Kéké Cribbs refers to her art practice, which revolves around mosaic glass techniques, as a journey of sorts. The narratives depicted in her work are, in the artist's words, are "small vignettes into fictional lives that may remind one of a surreal dream or experience, a palpitation of the heart, a frozen moment in the emotional adventure of life.” Her unique pieces have been collected by major museums around the world, including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Corning Museum of Glass in New York, and the Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art in Japan. 

Lot 155, Gaetano Pesce, Transformable Table (Miniature)

Lot 155 |  Gaetano Pesce, Transformable Table (Miniature)


Italian modernist architect Gaetano prizes originality, viewing modernism as a lens through which to see the world rather than a style in and of itself. This miniature transformable table, rendered in an eccentric rainbow of colors, is a lovely example of his bright and spirited oeuvre. 

Lot 59, Benjamin Dominguez, Untitled (Four Figures)

Lot 59 |  Benjamín Dominguez, Untitled (Four Figures)


Perhaps thanks to his early work creating movie posters for a local theater as a teenager, Benjamín Dominguez's work feels cinematic. Populated with carefully composed characters in intricate costume, his paintings draw upon classical history painting while still being distinctly forward-looking. 

Lot 168, Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni Snoopy Table Lamp

Lot 168 |  Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni Snoopy Table Lamp


Originally designed in 1967, the Snoopy lamp has become an icon of 20th century Italian design. The lamp pays tribute to everyone's favorite cartoon dog with its asymmetrical shape. 

Lot 114, Barry R. Sautner, Untitled (Anthropomorphic Pea Pod)

Lot 114 |  Barry R. Sautner, Untitled (Anthropomorphic Pea Pod)


From a private New York collection of contemporary art glass, Barry Sautner's anthropomorphic pea pod sculpture brings more, more, more whimsy to February 28th's sale. Made from both clear and opaque glass, the work exemplifies the artist's incredible skill and imagination. 

Pre-bidding for more, more, more! is available now. Live bidding begins February 28th at 11:00 AM. 

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