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Explore the top lots from The Estate of Eveline Hunt, The Collection of Alan Lind and Linda Miller Bain, and other distinguished private collections included in American and European Art.

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April 15, 2024
Lot 21 | Joseph Fleck, Winter in Talpa

Lot 21 Joseph Fleck, Winter in Talpa


Capsule's American and European Art sale showcases captivating works by renowned artists spanning the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries, featuring lush landscapes, compelling depictions of the human figure, and serene still lifes. The sale includes paintings, works on paper, bronze sculptures, and more.

Many of the top lots in this auction originate from The Estate of Eveline Hunt. With an insatiable curiosity and an eye for beauty, Eveline Hunt began collecting in the late 1950s. As a young woman traveling across Europe, the Middle East, and Turkey, she cultivated her passion for collecting. Her global adventures, combined with her role as an Assistant Travel Editor at Charm Magazine, fueled her love for acquiring unique artwork.

Her taste, though primarily focused on 19th and early 20th-century art and furniture, knew no bounds. With an eclectic flair, she welcomed pieces from various genres and periods into her collection creating a virtual museum within her grand prewar apartment in the Belnord on Manhattan's Upper West Side. Hunt continued to travel and add to her vast collection into her 80’s. American and European Art features the beautiful works that decorated her luscious apartment.

Lot 11 | Martin Lewis, Mailman, March (1936)

Lot 11 Martin Lewis, Mailman, March (1936)


This detailed drypoint print by Martin Lewis is garnering lots of attention. Mailman, March is one of an edition of only sixteen and beautifully depicts Lewis's skill and printmaking technique. Lewis had a keen eye for capturing the atmospheric effects of light and shadow in his prints. His works often showcase a high level of detail, intricate textures, and a sense of depth that draws viewers into the scenes like this chilly winter one that evokes the wind in the trees and movement of the car coming around the bend.

Lot 32 | Charles Rollo Peters, Untitled (Adobe at Night)

Lot 32 Charles Rollo Peters, Untitled (Adobe at Night)


Charles Rollo Peters is another sought after artist included in the sale. Peters is known for his atmospheric nocturnal landscapes, particularly his depictions of moonlit scenes. His style, often associated with the American Tonalist movement, features soft, muted tones, subtle gradations of light and shadow, and a focus on creating a sense of mystery and mood in his compositions. Untitled (Adobe at Night) has the serene and dreamlike quality Peters was so talented at conveying and captures the beauty and tranquility of this night landscape.

Lot 42 | William Thomson, Soldier, Lost Brady Series

Lot 42 William Thomson, Soldier, Lost Brady Series


American and European art also features work from The Collection of Alan Lind and Linda Miller Bain. Lind and Bain were connoisseurs of art and champions of community, whose passion for collecting became a lifelong pursuit intertwined with their professional and personal endeavors. 

Lind in partnership with Bain co-founded World-Wide Business Centres, Inc. with Bain serving as VP and manager of WWBC's International Network. This entrepreneurial endeavor fueled their global business pursuits and provided avenues for investing in their art collection and supporting local artists. In correspondence with an associate Lind shared “One of the design elements of World-Wide's decor which both my late wife and I felt was exceedingly important was for the company's visitors, guests and clients alike to be greeted with and benefit from original works of art hanging on the walls in not only the public areas of the company but in the private client offices as well.  We chose art that would intrigue, captivate, and provide a sense of home or belonging. Bain's refined taste was nurtured in her early life by family and cultivated through her education, while Alan's appreciation for art was more visceral and was further ignited by a chance encounter with the artist William Thomson's captivating work.

Thomson's work is new to auction and depicts a diverse array of subjects, including landscapes, cityscapes, interiors, and figurative works. Regardless of the subject matter, his paintings are characterized by the masterful use of warm, rich earth tones, which lend his creations a haunting and intriguing atmosphere. Whether exploring realism or abstraction, each piece reflects his keen observation of the human spirit and his ability to evoke emotion and narrative through imagery. American and European Art includes seven of Thomson's captivating paintings.

Lot 37 | Sabra Johnson Field, Mountain Seasons, Group of 4

Lot 37 Sabra Johnson Field, Mountain Seasons, Group of 4


Another exciting artist from The Collection of Alan Lind and Linda Miller Bain is Sabra Johnson Field. Sabra Johnson Field's woodcuts and silk screens are characterized by their bold and graphic style. She often simplifies forms to their essential elements, creating compositions that are striking in their simplicity yet rich in visual impact. Field frequently draws inspiration from nature, with motifs such as trees, flowers, and landscapes appearing. This seasonal group is one of four serene additions to the sale by her.

Lot 44 | Pablo Picasso, "Picador" plate

Lot 44 Pablo Picasso, "Picador" plate


Other top lots from distinguished private collections included this "Picador" plate by Pablo Picasso. The plate is a striking example of his experimentation with ceramic art showcases Picasso's fascination with the bullfighting culture of his native Spain. Picasso's distinctive style is evident in the plate's composition with  its expressive brushwork and demonstrates his ability to infuse everyday objects with artistic innovation and emotional depth.

Lot 30 | Allen Gilbert Cram, Untitled (Winter Landscape) (1926)

Lot 30 Allen Gilbert Cram, Untitled (Winter Landscape) (1926)


This beautiful winter landscape by Allen Gilbert Cram would make a lovely addition to any home. Painted with cool vibrant colors and bold brushstrokes the landscape captures the feeling of winter and showcased his post-impressionistic style. Cram studied under the painter William Merritt Chase like several other artists of the time including Georgia O'Keeffe, Edward Hopper and George Bellows. 

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