25 Japanese Photography Titles

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Soft and hard covers. Includes e.g. 1) History Of Japanese Photography by Anne Wilkes Tucker, Yale University Press 2003. Near excellent condition. DJ discoloration, yellowing 2) 60 Selected Pictures of Mikado's Empire- Fine Souvenir For Visit To Japan-Coloured By Hand. Silk brocade hardcover with applied paper front cover title sheet, string tied at binding. First page with paper acid browning under tissue overlay 3) Japanese Photography From The Pre-War Period (Maggs). 4) Taking Refuge In L.A. (Farber) signed, 1987 5) Early Japanese Images, first edition 1996. 6) The Face Of Asia (Henri Cartier-Bresson),1972. 7) eight Friends Of Friends Photography Auction soft cover catalogs 2000-2012. Et al.
History of Japanese Photography 12" x 10 x 1.5 "60 Selected..." 6 x 8.75
Property from a Northwest Connecticut collection.
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