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A. BARROWS & others. New England Kitchen Magazine 1894

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Anna BARROWS, Mary J. LINCOLN & others, editors The New England Kitchen Magazine. A Domestic Science Monthly

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5 issues bound in one volume, Culinary school
The New England Kitchen Magazine. A Domestic Science Monthly, 310 pages, octavo, bound in 3/4 leather, Annonay paper over boards, cocked. Discarded from library.

THE BOSTON COOKING SCHOOL.THE oldest and most successful schoolof cookery in the country owes its beginnings to the Women's Education Association of Boston, for in January, 1879, that association voted the sum of one hundred dollars towards the support of a cooking school. This sum was increased bysubscriptions ; and through the generosityof Wm. E. Baker, Esq ., the rent of suitablerooms was secured. On March 10, 1879,the school was opened, Miss Parloa gavedemonstration lessons, and classes wereheld of young ladies, of cooks already inservice, and on Saturdays a class was heldof girls from the public school. In this firstyear ninety-four pupils attended the school.The experiment proved so successfulthat the committee, in whose charge it hadbeen placed, determined to put it upon a permanent basis.

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