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Anti Fascist Front, Vol 1, No 1, 1969 - all published

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NATIONAL COMMITTEES TO COMBAT FASCISM IN AMERICA. Anti Fascist Front, Vol. 1, No. 1. Oakland: National Committees to Combat Fascism in America, July 1969.

Softcover. First Edition. Tabloid-format newspaper. Printed in black on tan newsprint. 20 pages. Measuring approximately 11.5 by 17.5 inches. Illustrated throughout. Horizontal fold. Light edgewear, creasing, age-toning. Clean throughout. Very good or better overall.

First and only issue of Anti Fascist Front, published by the Black Panther Party-led coalition, National Committees to Combat Fascism in America (NCCF), for the National Conference for a United Front Against Fascism scheduled July 18, 19, and 20, 1969.

Features include: 'Use of Fascist Tactics Against Latino People;' 'Working People & Fascism;' 'Students and Education Against Fascism;' 'Religion Against Fascism;' 'Petition for Decentralization of Police;' 'An Overview of Fascism in America;' 'Martin Sostre Serving 31 to 41 yrs. on Frame up;' 'American Servicemen Against Fascism;' 'Ft. Dix Rebellion!;' a blank petition supporting the Ft. Dix 38; 'Public Health;' 'Chemical [and] Biological Agents;' 'Genocide Leads to Fascism and War;' 'An Open Letter to U.S. Congress;' 'We Charge Genocide;' and a detailed program of conference.

"More than 1,000 advance registrations have been received for the National Committees to Combat Fascism in America, opening with a session at the Oakland Auditorium on Friday, the 18th, and continuing with seven sessions ending Sunday evening. The conference represents an effort to bring together, for the first time, groups actively opposing the fascist tendencies which they see being manifested in American life and to reveal the extent to which they exist.

Delegates are being sent by organizations representing students and teachers, labor, religion, anti-war and ethnic groups and political movements. Among them will be SDS and BSU representatives from several campuses, womens groups including the newly formed Women Power and several peace organizations. The Medical Committee for Human Rights will present speakers; Catholic, Protestant and Jewish clergy will be among the speakers.

The conference was called by the Black Panther Party, organized nationally by four existing National Committees to Combat Fascism, and has more than 40 organizations as sponsors. The program calls for a discussion of the status of political prisoners, the relationship of workers, students, teachers and churches to the evidence of fascism. A number of documentaries and news films will be shown. Primary goals of the conference are to establish a permanent organization, plan future conferences and present ways in which community control of police may be achieved." (NCCF Press Release)