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[J.SEWELL] [Prize-winning story]. Plums. [4 versions]

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John SEWELL [Prize-winning short story]. Plums. [in four different forms]

Offered for sale by Adam Langlands of 'Shadowrock Rare Books' - for more information please contact him via email at adamlanglands@gmail.com 

[John SHRAPNEL, reader]. - John SEWELL  (1925-1981, artist, illustrator, film-maker, poet and author). [Prize-winning short story]. Plums. [in four different forms 1.; 2.copy typescript; 3. Radio 3 script; 4. A copy of issue 19 of ‘New Fiction’ containing the story (pp. 6-8)]. [UK: circa 1974-1981].

1.typescript (with corrections, with title page and card wrappers). Title + recto only of 14 leaves. Stapled into oatmeal thin card wrappers.

2.copy typescript (with corrections). Recto of 8 leaves.

3.Radio 3 script, to be read by John Shrapnel (signed and with corrections). Cover sheet + recto only of 22 leaves. Transmission date was Friday, 24th November 1978, 23.30 – 23.45.

4.A copy of issue 19 of ‘New Fiction’ edited by Sebastian Faulks, and containing the story (pp. 6-8)]. 24 pages, including the wrappers. Includes footnote: “John Sewell won the Wandsworth Short Story Competition for this story last year.”

Sewell was best known as an artist and designer, but did also publish a children’s book (see below), and make short films.

“John Sewell was one of the most talented students to have studied graphic design at the Royal College of Art. He was the acknowledged star of his generation … he was that rarity, a real artist, and one with whom the College is proud to be associated. There is little doubt that this pungent talent had a far greater influence on his contemporaries than his innate modesty allowed him to see. It was an influence central to the generation, and to the astonishing upsurge, of graphic design in this country since the war.” (written in December 1981 by Professor Richard Guyatt [1914-2007], Rector of the Royal College or Art)

Curriculum Vitae of John Sewell A R C A
1948 - 51 - Hornsey College of Art
1951-54 - Royal College of Art; Illustration under Edward Bawden; Graphic Design under F H K Henrion First class Diploma; Major Travelling Scholarship; Graphic Design medal; Typography prize
1955- Consultant to BBC Television to improve quality of programmes
titles, drawing, typography, graphic film on the screen;
1956- founded, and was Head of, BBC TV Graphic Art Section.
1958- freelance practice in Graphic Design and Illustration for numerous clients, Shell, Sunday Times, Faber, Penguin, Books, New Society, Bodley Head, Chatto & Windus, Heinemann, Calder, Boyars, Weidenfeld, Roche, etc, etc
1958- Consultant Designer to Better Books, creating its new look, House Style, Shop design, publicity, etc, Consultant to City Books; ditto,
1960- Consultant to Bumpus; ditto.
1961- Retained by Penguin Books to give book covers a new Look; designed and illustrated many series, Penguin Crime, Law, Modern Writing, etc.
1961- Tutor in Graphic Design at the Royal College of Art.
1967 - 71 - Senior Lecturer in Television Production at Ravensbourne College of Art. tv production, scripts, photography, etc.
1977- wrote, illustrated, published children's book, Professor Invento and His Best Invention (Heinemann) .
1981- continuing with freelance graphic design and illustration; continuing to paint and write; continuing to work for television.