Lot 244
Hanson: Checklist of Photomechanical Printing

Estimate: $225 - $250

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About this Lot

Hanson, David. Checklist of Photomechanical Process and Printing, 1825-1910. (n.p.: n.p., 2017). xi, 186 p.; numerous illustrations.

Richly illustrated & detailed examination of the printed photographic image, from the earliest use in the 19th century, up until the beginning of the 20th century. Hanson covers 159 processes and printers, with 114 of them being illustrated. There are a total of over 650 illustrations in color, including photomicrographs, from 15x-90x magnification, to show the multiplicity of printing patterns. A wealth of information about photographic printing practices. 13" x 11". Boards. Fine, as new.

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