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Stephen Webster calligraphic copy-book, 1830s ?

Estimate: $150 - $250

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About this Lot

[John PIERPONT, Washington IRVING, Joseph ADDISON and others.] - Stephen E. WEBSTER, of Belfast, New Hampshire (scribe). Manuscript copy-book [circa 1830s?], quarto (9 5/8 x 7 ¾ inches; 244 x 197mm). 44 pages, including ten pages with a large full-page calligraphic pen-work oval, each oval including all or part of an essay, each under a different heading: ‘Of Versification’; ‘Debt and Credit’(31); ‘On Lying’(20); ‘The Rose’; ‘The Village Funeral’; ‘Mount Sinai’(98); ‘Story of Rabbi Akibai’ (102); ‘The Little Man in Black’(75) ; ‘Portrait of a Patriarch’(21); ‘Discoverer of America’. Stitched between drab brown wrappers, with the ‘scribe’s’ name on the upper cover (split, chipped and detached).

Attractive, with pen-work that is better than the average. The extracts featured come from a number of sources, one of which seems to have been John Pierpont’s ‘The National Reader’ (1827).

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